3 July 2013

AfTeR 7 MonthS!~!


Fuhh~ pas 7 months, i came back here! tetiba di pagi hari ni..actually, cannot sleep...i remembered about my blog! yg dah lama tak dijenguk..yg dah lama tak diupdate! kesibukan membataskan segalanya..n fyi, i'm unofficially graduated! yeahhhhh! alhamdulillah..FYP berjaya dibukukeraskan..nak tgk?? dibawah ini. :)

syukur alhamdulillah..sy dah berjaya habiskan 4 tahun pengajian sy in degree of early childhood education..dalam rasa tidak mampu habiskan FYP dgn jayanya, dgn masalah yg dtg tanpa diminta..i'm made it! syukur yg terhingga kepada yang maha esa..segalanya dipermudahkan..now, i'm just waiting for last result..dgr cite maybe 5th july ni dah dapat..nebes! apa2pun, i've done my best..while waiting for my result, i'm stayed at my bro's house to b babysitter...ngeh3! practice for da future..katanya! hahaa..plus, i've sent my resume n still waiting for da interview call...plz..plz..pray da best for me, guys! i think i shud stop here..insyaALLAH...if there is time, i'll b more active wif my blog..to share my life..new things, new experience n definitely, more story!

take care with love, gorgeous! ^__^

lurve, mar! (✿◠‿◠)

1 comment:

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